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Weight Loss Training

Weight Loss Training

Our Houston weight loss program is tailored to meet your needs through a 90-Day program. We offer a complete 90-day diet along with a smoothie cleanse to get you off to a great start. In your program, we personalize your training regimen along with providing homework and accountability apps to monitor your progress. Every 30 days we take progress pictures along with retaking weight, body fat, and BMI to track our progressions.

Want to lose weight fast and easily?

IPT Academy is the best choice as it has a proven record of weight loss program in Houston, Texas. Their 90-days weight loss Houston customized as per the clients’ needs helps to lose weight naturally. Because it provides a 90-days complete diet with a smoothie to cleanse all the excess fat, also it has a personalized training regimen as per the client’s health and other conditions. We also provide an accountability app to practice the diet and fitness regimen at home. In addition, our monitoring of losing weight by taking pictures, retaking weight, body fat, BMI, and others every 30 days will help improve the progress.

Many may not have the time or the eagerness to lose weight in this fast and competitive world. But WHO or the World Health Organization confirms that over 2.8 million people die every year because of being overweight or obese. Moreover, being overweight is the root cause of many life-threatening ailments like heart attack stroke. Also, WHO confirms that obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally; hence it is time to enroll in our 90 days Houston weight loss program not only to lose weight but look fit and young.

Weight loss is good for looking good and has many other benefits to the mind and body. And it is not restricted by age as both young and old can live a happy and healthier life. It could give a gorgeous appearance to succeed in personal and professional life for the young. And for the elders, it could improve mood and mobility apart from reducing the risks and symptoms of chronic illnesses. So we bring the best weight loss Houston, ensure that both get their right fitness regimen and proper diet.

People may become overweight not by choice but by many factors. And also, it is a chronic relapsing thing to do it continuously to stay fit. Many people struggle to lose even a few pounds because of no motivation and interest. Our best 90-days weight loss program in Houston, Texas, provides the right motivation and increases interest to lose weight in an easy and fast way. Our team of experts is well qualified and experienced to complete the 90 days weight loss program in Houston and continue it for a long time to stay away from many ailments.

Gaining weight is way easier than losing weight and needs dedication and the right training from professionals. Many people become overweight because of the improper lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor diet eating all the unwanted food rather than the right ones. A few people become overweight even without all these factors because of genetics, hormones, metabolism, and medications. Our experts will talk in detail to our clients to identify the root cause of being overweight. Only then do they customize the best Houston weight loss program to reduce their weight gradually.

Benefits of weight loss program in Houston

Undoubtedly, overweight people have to lose weight or suffer from many hardships, including life-threatening occurrences. Hence, all need to know the benefits of our best Houston weight loss program, including others.

• Our coaches have had enough experience in helping people lose weight for the past fifteen years.
• We have helped 400+ clients achieve their weight loss goals and continue with the right weight with our expert guidance.
• Our coaches are NASM certified and licensed to provide weight loss work at all levels to help even the most obese people to lose their weight.
• We have designed the 90-day curriculum, which is practical and relational for our clients to benefit the most.
• Our 90-day hands-on program will teach all our clients to maintain and surpass their weight loss goals.
• We ensure that our clients hit their weight loss goals and have a change of mindset to continue it for leading a healthy lifestyle for their entire lifetime.

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We listen to you

At IPT Fitness Academy, we customize every workout to help you reach your goal. Our trainers will help you stay motivated throughout your journey and will establish a consistent workout schedule. We will create a unique lifestyle that will encourage good health and wellness.

We deliver results

There is no point in doing workouts that aren’t giving you results. Our qualified trainers will make sure that you achieve positive results. Your fitness program is created to match your abilities and help you reach your goals.

We're perfect for beginners

If you are interested in getting fit but don’t know where to start, you are at the right place. We will introduce you to fun, effective and valuable fitness routines. Once you are ready, you will be introduced to more advanced routines.


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