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Muscle Building Program

Muscle building Program

Stop thinking, start building! Enroll in our bodybuilding gym in Houston and get your muscle building goals met. All our bodybuilding programs are tailor-made and centers around your strength, targets and a muscle building diet that suits your body. Plus, you’ll get additional bodybuilding and fat reducing supplements. Only 6-8 weeks and your gains will do the talking!

Fine-Tune Your Muscles: Professional Bodybuilding Coach in Houston

The Ultimate Bodybuilding Gym Houston Achieve Your Goal

Ask anyone what they think of a ripped guy? All you would get is answers combined out of these three words – manliness, attractiveness and strength. Sounds cliché, but, many of us, both men and women, keep dreaming while they pass their best years.
Muscle building is hard-wired and complex, and doing it at the wrong place and under inexperienced guidance can wreck your body’s natural disposition. It may as well lead to diabetes and heart disease. It doesn’t matter what gym you prefer, when it comes to bodybuilding two aspects determine your gains: nutrition and high-intensity strength training. While it looks good to have pumped biceps and triceps but building muscles requires a positive energy balance.

And, this is where we come in! At IPT-Fitness, we host an experienced team of bodybuilding coaches in Houston with one single aim: To push you to attain the manly look with bulging arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Long-lasting impact of bodybuilding

Building your body isn’t only reserved for competitions but also to maintain a healthy body. According to several studies, even people above 50 years and older can build their muscles. In fact, regular workouts will lend them the body to evade any chronic ailments like heart problems. As for people with diabetes, it will keep sugar levels at check, especially those affected by type 2 diabetes.

Human bodies are capable of achieving unreal physique. You can build approximately 227 grams of muscle every week that means consuming 250 to 500 calories extra will help get the gains. But, each of these needs to be done under rightful guidance and regular training.
Our best bodybuilding coach in Houston, with over 15 years of expertise, will assist you in building muscles in the right way. Our muscle-building program incorporates diet plans, workouts and strength training based on our client’s needs and goals. Although pride is tempting, we do take pride in calling ourselves the best bodybuilding gym in Houston. It is the sole reason that hundreds of individuals have put their trust in us for years to have a mind-boggling body with strong muscles. Along with our excellent program, we also cater our bodybuilding coaching in Houston towards youth, middle-aged, and even seniors.

Why Choose IPT Fitness for Muscle building?

When starting out expert guidance matters. Over the years, IPT-Fitness academy has built its name in Houston as the best bodybuilding gyms in Houston. Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, we pride in turning the lean you to the monster you! Choose our free consultation service to understand the details of our training and lessons.

Our bodybuilding coach in Houston has helped over 400 clients to achieve their goals. So, why not you? All our muscle-building programs are centered around your needs and goals and we strive in providing an all-inclusive environment to freely build your biceps, quads and triceps. Beyond our bodybuilding program, we priorities developing an iron-willed mindset and a healthy routine to keep your strength and body in check.

Shape Your Mind and Body With Us!

Become mentally sharp:

Build your mind as you build your biceps. Your tenacity to control your body against all odds depends on your mental grit. Once you are with us, you become us. No fear, No doubt but a strong mind with ripped quads!

Expert Guidance:

You get the best bodybuilding coach in Houston and within a few months, a jacked body. What’s more important than this! Learn from experts well-versed in techniques and become who you want to be.


What’s learning without a good laugh! Our muscle building sessions combine passion, integrity and childlike curiosity. Making it fun as well as lethal. Still thinking? Come join us.


Benifits of gym


We listen to you

At IPT Fitness Academy, we customize every workout to help you reach your goal. Our trainers will help you stay motivated throughout your journey and will establish a consistent workout schedule. We will create a unique lifestyle that will encourage good health and wellness.

We deliver results

There is no point in doing workouts that aren’t giving you results. Our qualified trainers will make sure that you achieve positive results. Your fitness program is created to match your abilities and help you reach your goals.

We're perfect for beginners

If you are interested in getting fit but don’t know where to start, you are at the right place. We will introduce you to fun, effective and valuable fitness routines. Once you are ready, you will be introduced to more advanced routines.


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